Approval Email Template

Dear XXXX Family,

Congratulations!! Your Adoption Application for Midwest Labrador Retriever, Inc. has been APPROVED!

From this moment forward, your direct point of contact will be our Placement Coordinator. MLRR’s Placement Coordinator is responsible for matching our Foster Dogs with Approved Adopters, based on interest and compatibility.


Traditional Adoption Process

You will be added to our email distribution list of Approved Adopters. When a Foster Dog becomes available for adoption, the Placement Coordinator will send an announcement via email to the entire distribution list. To prevent these emails from going to your spam folder, be sure to add to your contact list. Directions on how to do this can be found here.

If you are interested in adopting the dog in the announcement email, you can click on the included link to send a note to the Placement Coordinator. Additional details and restrictions will be included in the email. Please note that we will NOT directly contact you outside of that email to gauge your interest in Foster Dogs. Alternatively, if you are interested in adopting a Foster Dog posted on our website or MLRR Facebook page, please email the Placement Coordinator.

If the Placement Coordinator determines that the Foster Lab matches your preferences and appears to be a match, she will add your name to the Foster Dog’s interest list. The order in which we work through this list is based on your response time and approval date. If selected, the Placement Coordinator will forward your contact information to the Lab’s Foster Family. The Foster Family will reach out to you, usually by email or a phone call. Please respond to that communication within 24 hours, informing the Foster Family if you would like to meet the dog or not. If you do not reply within 24 hours we will move on to the next waiting family that is a match.

Your family will travel to the Lab’s foster home to meet. Your entire family must be present, including your family dog(s). During the meet, you will learn about the Foster Lab’s personality and medical history. You can take the Foster Lab for a walk, or ask to spend some “alone” time with the Lab so you and your family can establish a connection, and talk privately. If you feel it is a match, and the Foster Home agrees, you can adopt and take the Foster Lab home that day, or agree on a pick-up date that works for everyone. This is a lifelong decision and should not be taken lightly. If you’d like to think about it, we ask that you make a decision within 24 hours.


Direct Adoption Program

In addition to our Traditional Adoption Process, we offer a Direct Adoption Program. This is a SEPARATE program for MLRR approved adopters interested in puppies less than 1 year old, dogs over 7 years old and medical case dogs, including dogs that test positive for heartworm.

Our goal is to save more dogs than our traditional foster home system allows, and place them in loving homes...hence, the creation of our Direct Adoption Program. Every day, Midwest Lab Rescue receives notifications of Labs needing rescue. Many of these Labs are good dogs, but can't get their second chance at love simply because we don't have a foster home to place them in. With this in mind, we created a program where an approved MLRR adopter can directly adopt a Lab in need. Once a commitment is made, an approved adopter takes in the dog for a 2-week wellness period. That time is extended for dogs with extensive medical needs (like heartworm) since treatment times are typically longer. During the wellness period, MLRR covers all medical expenses. Once the treatment is completed, the adoption is finalized.

To participate in this program, join our MLRR Direct Adoption Program Facebook group by clicking this link and requesting access:

MLRR approved adopters are encouraged to participate in both, the Traditional Adoption Program and the Direct Adoption Program, but need to opt-in for the Direct Adoption Program via Facebook. MLRR’s Intake Coordinator will post dogs as they become available and respond to comments by adopters in this group. Please note, that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE for many of these dogs, so if you would like to adopt, please respond to the post right away. In the event that multiple applicants express interest in a dog, the Placement Coordinator will make the final selection based on ideal match and date of approval. Once we have commitment from you, we will move forward with bringing the dog into our rescue. Once you say you'll take a dog, there can be no delay. Dogs cannot be "held" as we do not have a facility and many dogs are in urgent need. To ensure that you don’t miss any posts, select “All Posts” in your Facebook group notification settings. Directions on how to do this can be found here.


If at any time, you adopt elsewhere or are no longer interested in adopting, please email the Placement Coordinator so we can update our records.

Thank you for choosing adoption and MLRR. Now let’s find you a Lab!!


MLRR Board of Directors

Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.