Hello! My name is Wilson, Will... Willy Billy… Willy Billy Big Boy. I take it as it comes. I was brought to my loving foster family by MLRR from Oklahoma and boy did I LOVE the ride. Car rides are AWESOME! I am 2 years old and the best of both worlds - equal parts couch potato and playful puppy. I love love love to play hard and rest hard. My foster family has seen me play with kids, dogs, adults and they have been told I like cats too, but they don’t have one, so we are going to have just take the word of my previous owner. My previous owner said I can climb fences too; I haven’t shown that to my foster, but it could happen.

Oh, and about that Willy Billy Big Boy thing … it's true. I am big. I am 83 lbs. and I can take up and entire room with one stretch. So … I think a larger home with a larger yard is my cup of tea. I do spend some time in my very large crate however my manners are exceptional! Not to brag but I sit, stay, lie down, and give paw! I love treats but always wait until they are given, I never sneak anything from the table or counter, and I know which toys are mine. Never have I chewed on my people sibling toys. My people siblings love me! I am cool with hanging out with them, but my adults are where it’s at. I think my foster parents are just the coolest and I love to be near them as much as possible. I sleep at the foot of their bed but never in their bed. I am really good at keeping off furniture. One more thing… I hardly ever bark. Doorbell - no problem, dogs on the street - just greet and go; it is kind of my superpower that makes everyone I meet think I am the best dog ever!

What can I say? I am kind of a dream dog; you will be lucky to have me. I just have one more recommendation for my happiness - Air conditioning! I am part Great Pyrenees which means I have a beautiful thick fur coat. I need a space to chill out and sip (guzzle) ice water. My playful part really comes out in the morning and evening when the temps are a bit cooler outside. Yet I don’t like to be in water. The humans cool off in the pool, but I would rather not. Water is just not my thing.

So, there you have it. I am ready to love you and I know you will love me!

  • Age: 2
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 83 lbs
  • Color: Yellow
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Good
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Fair
  • Energy: Moderate on hot days, high in cooler temps

Updated - June 29, 2020

Original Post Date - June 6, 2020