Hello there! I am Sitka; if you have been looking for a handsome young boy, then I am for you!

I am about 2 years old - I am good with dogs and children, though not particularly fond of cats. I am a little on the big size and tend to look a little intimidating, but don’t let that fool you – I am a lover! I am housebroken and my foster mom says I am not a chewer, but I do like to carry my stuffies around. I know some of the basic commands and I am a fairly good listener when not distracted.

Since my foster mom is home all day, she is observing me and has noticed I am good all day long. In fact, she says I am the perfect family dog! I go out, lay in the sun, check the perimeter, come back in and chill by her feet. But I get a little anxious in the evening when I see all those critters out and about. When I see rabbits and squirrels out there from the window, I would love to chase them. I have scaled their 4-foot wrought iron fence to get at them, which is why I would do best in a home with a solid 6-foot fence.

When I first got here there were a lot of young kids coming and going so I took the opportunity to sneak through the door a time or two, but that all changed once they figured me out. They talked with a trainer, who had lots of great suggestions for my critter obsession so now when I get excited, I get Kong’s filled with frozen yogurt and peanut butter, and I must say they are tasty and help to distract me! My foster mom also notices that once we go for a walk it helps me immensely to release some of my energy.

My foster mom says that I would do best with an active family that is willing to exercise me and continue to follow up with the trainer’s recommendations. I love to play and LOVE to get pets, and just want to be part of a family!

  • Age: 2
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: No
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Unknown
  • Energy: High

Updated - July 13, 2020

Original Post Date - June 6, 2020