I am feeling great and ready to find my fur-ever home. I am a very handsome 62# big black lab. The vets believe that I am around 2 years old with puppy playfulness. Foster Dad like to just call me “Handsome and Lover Boy” because I am a looker.

A family that can share lots of attention and affection toward me is my dream. There is nothing better than to have the back of my ears gently scratched and belly rubs, they are a favorite! I live with 2 lab foster-sisters, I play nice with them, not rough at all. I am a quick learner to the routine around here as Foster Mom and Dad go to work every day. I have gotten used to going to my crate during the day while they are gone. A little white noise was comforting in the beginning along with a bit of liver sausage. I enjoy treats and can take them ever so softly from your hand. I am completely house-trained and am working on waiting for my dinner, but sometimes I am so excited to eat, that I just don’t sit for long. I walk pretty nice on the leash and have grown accustomed to being “coupled” with foster mom’s other lab. As for night time sleeping – I usually sleep all night long next to FM’s side of the bed on a blanket. No need to get up during the night.

Because of the very cold weather, FM is trying out puzzles with me. I love the kibbles found under the tennis balls, but think outside of the box to find the treat. Shredding the tray is the easiest! A work in progress.

Prior to coming to MLRR from Missouri, my life is a mystery. I’m a good boy, come and see for yourself!

Age:Sex: Male
Color: Black
Weight: 62#
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Lives with 2 females
Kids: Unknown
Energy level: Medium

Original Post Date: January 14, 2018