Likes: Being near my people- at your side, feet or snuggling on the couch. Carrying things around in my mouth. Having another dog to pal around with.

Dislikes: Toys that have ears, tails or noses- they must be removed promptly, luckily I am really good at it. Empty food bowls!

Hi everyone! Scotch here to tell you that I am looking for my perfect forever home. As you can see from my strikingly good looks, I am a purebred English Labrador Retriever. I am a retired duck hunter with a new found love of lounging. I was rescued from Missouri with my brother Jett, where we lived most of our life outside and only came in at night. My foster moms think I am super smart and will learn all sorts of new commands in my forever home. I currently live with MLRR alum Annie and a crazy little Chihuahua. I get along well with both of them now, even though when I first came here I wasn't neutered yet and didn't respect the girls' boundaries very well. They put me in my place pretty quick. Girls!

I can be very high energy if you want to play ball or run around or play tug of war, but I am just as happy chilling with Netflix too. I love going for walks and am really working on my leash skills - I like to make sure I walk on ALL parts of the sidewalks. I have a pretty strong prey drive and we have lots of pesky squirrels here that just seem to torment me, I cry to get at them but will keep on walking with a little encouragement. My foster moms take me for lots of walks and I love meeting other neighbors- they all comment on how gorgeous I am and my good manners. With other dogs, I try to contain my excitement but sometimes it gets the best of me and I barge right up to them which is often not appreciated. I sleep in my crate at night and will go in occasionally during the day just to hang out. I just love everyone and want to be part of a family!

So what do you say? Am I the perfect match for you? I think so!

  • Age: 7 years
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Yellow/Cream
  • Cats: Unsure
  • Dogs: Good
  • Kids: Good
  • Crate: I love my crate
  • Energy level: Medium

Original Post Date - March 29, 2019