Likes: My canine friends, people and cuddles!

Dislikes: Not having a forever family - could you be the family for me?

Hi there! I’m Ofie, a 20-month-old Lab/hound mix. I used to live in Iowa until my family moved and left me at a shelter. I was so scared in that shelter. There were strange sounds, weird smells, dogs barking constantly, and I really, really missed my family. It was too much for a young dog like me, and I shut down and stopped eating. As a result, I lost a lot of weight and was earmarked for euthanasia. That’s when my heroes, the good people at MLRR, stepped in and found me a foster home.

I’m now in a loving foster home with two chocolate Lab foster siblings. I LOVE being with other dogs!! I also like people, and it’s been fun meeting many nice ones on our regular walks. I especially love babies! I’ve met a few and have been really sweet and gentle with them.

My foster mom says I’m doing really well walking on leash. I have a tendency to pull, but she is teaching me that it’s waaaaay more fun to walk nicely, especially when treats are involved! I’m potty trained, and can hold it all night long without a single accident. I tell you when I need to go by jumping off the bed and standing at the door. I gotta admit, I’m not crazy about the crate. I go in without a problem, but would prefer to be with people if I could. I still have a lot of puppy in me, but my mommy says I settle down really nicely in the house.

I’m dreaming of a forever home that will continue providing me the love, guidance, and discipline a young dog like me needs. Mommy says I’m a smart dog and learn quickly, but I still need help on my counter-surfing habits. I can’t help it, there are delicious-smelling things on counters, and I’m always hungry due to my weight loss at the shelter. Mommy is helping me with that, feeding me several small meals every day with lots of exercise to help me grow to be a strong boy. Do you have a place in your heart and home for a bundle of love? I can’t wait to meet you!!

  • Age: 20 months
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Black with white markings on chest
  • Weight: 50 pounds—should be about 65 or 70 according to the vet
  • Dogs: Great! I love them!
  • Cats: Love the ones I’ve met in the neighborhood
  • Crate: Good, don’t like being in one for long periods of time Energy level: Medium, loooooooves to snuggle!

Original Post Date - May 31, 2019