Hi! I'm Maxwell. My foster mom describes me as complicated. I am a boy full of joys and challenges who needs the perfect place for a guy like me. Well, I came up to MLRR after a tornado destroyed my house and my family could no longer keep me. I was heartworm positive when I came to MLRR and really not feeling so great but I'm recovered now - great news! But, not so great, is that I have been shuffled around a bit. To help me be the best boy I can be, I see a special veterinarian who specializes in behavior issues and have medications to help me handle stressful situations. A special trainer who helps dogs like me adjust also works with me and my foster family. I'm looking for an experienced family dedicated to positive training.

My foster family does what they call dog performance sports. Well, I am not sure what all of that is, but I do know that I LOVE to go to dog training classes. My fosters say that I am very smart and learn fast. I sit, down, come, and walk OK on a leash (I am still working on this). I can also do something they call spin and then they smile a lot and tell me I am good. My fosters have told me that they will only let me go to a family that will do fun things like training or running. The more we train, the better we will bond and learn how to be a family.

I really like other dogs. I can share a dish with my foster brothers, and we don’t fight. The smaller foster brother ignores me, and I don’t think he is much fun anyway. I really want the bigger brother to play, but he thinks I am a pest and has growled at me. I behave nicely at class when other dogs walk past me too.

My foster mom sometimes feels sad that I really prefer my foster dad to her. I like to cuddle with her and put my head on her leg for pats, but she just isn’t as awesome as he is. I always ask him to stay home and play with me when he leaves the house. I do stop the barking and carrying on after a few minutes. I don’t mind being in my crate some of the day, but if they are home, I prefer to follow foster dad everywhere. I also really love little humans. We have little boys who come visit and even stay overnight sometimes. Foster mom says that I wag my tail much harder and with more enthusiasm for these little grandsons. I get very sad and beg them to come back when they leave me. I think those little boys are very well trained. They know they must leave me alone when I am resting in my bed and that they need to leave me alone if I have food.

I have a habit of resource guarding food but we are working on that. I have a great nose. I have found lots of yummy fruit on the kitchen counter. My foster family doesn't leave any food on the counter anymore because I am so tall and bounce so high that I can get anything and everything.

Foster mom did want me to mention that I am great about my grooming. I like to be brushed and when they put me on the grooming table, I was OK with having my toenails done with a grinder. I am fine with having my paws cleaned when I come in from outside too. I also run right in my kennel to get my good boy cookie after I go outside and do my business. She also wants you to know that I behave very nicely during Zoom meetings. I sleep in my wonderful bolster bed when the family is working from home.

So, here's what you need to know about me. I love people and I love to snuggle. I enjoy walks and my foster mom says I do really good on a leash. I love bones and squishy toys, but I don’t chew on things I know I shouldn’t. I love treats and I am fast learner. I like a consistent schedule because I get anxious when I am alone. I like my kennel but I bark for awhile when I go in because I don’t know when you are coming back. I like to be outside but not by myself. I am good with other dogs, sometimes I just ignore them because I like humans better.

  • Age: 2.5 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Medium to high

Updated - April 19, 2021