LIKES: Running! Chasing Frisbees, birds, balls - basically anything I can! Belly rubs, head scratches and SNUGGLES!

DISLIKES: Being in the crate. Car rides because I'm not the best behaved passenger (I like to move around the car). Wondering who will take me home and make me theirs!

Hi! My name is Marley and I’m a 10-month-old female light yellow lab mix. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My foster family is always saying what a pretty girl I am – but I try not to let that go to my head. Seriously, though, just look at my picture - I'm so pretty, right?

I love to run and my long legs have me running fast! I love to chase Frisbees, birds, balls and anything that will "run away" from me. I live with foster cats and I like to give them a bath when they rub up against me. I really like belly rubs, head scratches and snuggling! Basically, I love any attention I can beg, borrow or steal from my foster family.

So what don't I like? Well, the crate! But I will run into the crate so fast when my foster family gets the "bath leash" out. I might be a lab but baths, no thanks! I'm also not too fond of car rides - I move around a lot inside the car.

Good news! I am quick to learn and I do not need many reminders. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a look from my foster mom or dad to remind that whatever I'm thinking about doing is something they have told me not to (i.e. like eat the foster cats' food - I know, gross, dog food is way better but what can I say, I have an adventurous palette)!

If you looking for an energetic young lady who also likes to snuggle then I am the girl for you! What do you say - would you like to make me yours?

Age: 10 months
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Weight: 65 pounds
Cats: Good
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good
Crate: Does not like at first but eventually settles in, though does not sleep in the crate at night
Energy Level: High

Original Post Date: June 30, 2018