Likes: Being part of a family! Kids! FOOD!!

Dislikes: Not having a forever home!!

Hi, my name is Luke. I am a young boy with an old soul. I am only 2 years old but have the calm and gentle demeanor of a seasoned dog. Maybe that's because I have been through so much in my short life already. I was found as a stray by some nice people at a church who would feed me. I'm not sure how long I was begging (literally begging.. I sit up pretty and do sad dog eyes like a pro) for food every day but one day MLRR came along and took me to my foster home.

Once at my foster home I have learned so much about being a part of a family. I have a dog brother now whom I like and get along with well, unless there is food involved. I do not like to share my food with him. Can you blame me though? I've had to search and fight for my meals every day. It's all I've ever known! But I do not bite the hand that feeds me. My foster mom can put her hands in my food bowl and take it away and I do not react. How could I ever bite a person? I love them so much! In fact I also live with a 3-year-old human. She is my world right now! I protect her by keeping a close eye on her. While she naps, I nap in her room on the floor. If she screams, I come running to make sure she's ok and kiss her boo boos. I sure would like another little girl like her to protect!

During the day I have found the being on a couch is the best spot! I can see out the windows and will only softly bark if I feel my foster family is in danger. When they leave I go into my crate quietly and easily and am very calm the whole time. I know sit and shake, sit pretty, I come when called after potty breaks, and of course "sad eyes" when I want an extra snack.

When it comes to play, I don't do much of that. I'm not sure if it's because I don't really know how (my dog brother has been trying to teach me) or if it's because I feel weak from the heartworms that I contracted. Yes, I have heartworms, but please don't let that scare you away! They are treatable and non-contagious to you or other animals. I got them from those pesky mosquitoes we all hate and no one giving me a monthly heartworm prevention! How silly, this could have all been avoided with a monthly treat that I would LOVE to eat! At least now I am getting the care and TLC I need. Luckily because I am such a mellow dog it is not hard to keep my calm so my heart doesn't have to work too hard. In a few months, I'll get the all clear from the vet and be able to really learn what being a Retriever is all about.

Can you find it in your HEART to be my future forever family? I promise to love you real hard and protect you from everything! I am unconditionally loyal and sweet. I love you and I haven't even met you yet!

  • Age: 2
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Low

Original post date - Nov. 12, 2019

Updated - Dec. 20, 2020