Happy Summer Everyone. My name is Leo, and my foster mom says I'm just lovely!

I was recently living in the city but all of a sudden, I found myself in an MLRR foster home. At first I was really anxious but after a couple weeks of suburbia, I am unwinding.

I get along fine with the two dogs that live here. For some reason they don't care about plush toys, so they let me play with them all. I will chase the fuzzy green ball, once. Water, however, is more my thing. My foster people have never had a dog go into the walk in shower and stay there with the water on. Also I am a big fan of the lawn sprinkler. I will get myself wet or stand next to you so you can spray me up close. Either way, I like to get nice and wet.

Turns out, I already know a bunch of important stuff, like sit, paw, down, and I do come in from the yard when called. I am 100% potty trained and I don't chew the wrong things so I am not using a crate. On the leash, I will want to meet the people and other dogs but as long as you know this, you won't get caught off guard and our walk will be enjoyable.

I like people, a lot! When new people visit, especially men, I get super excited, so be aware - I may jump. I met some small kids this week; they liked me so I got excited and tried to jump. I do bark sometimes when I am frustrated, like not being able to investigate a noise outside or being in a room by myself when I know you’re home. The good news is that I am easily distracted by the calling of my name and the offer of a treat, so I have pretty good redirection skills!

At night, I simply sleep on the floor in your room. However, if the window is open I may take a little while to get used to all the new sounds. I like it quiet at night. Don't you?

Anyway, sorry for all the talk about me. Please come meet me so I can learn all about you!

  • Age: 7 years (estimated)
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Not needed
  • Energy: Moderate