Likes: Car rides, cuddle time, play time, BALLS!

Dislikes: Not having a forever home!

Hi everybody, Leia here! I am a 3-year-old female yellow lab. I have been with my foster family for a little while now and let me tell you all the great things that have happened! First and foremost, my favorite part is that I PLAY!! I used to not know what that meant because in my past home, I was kind of lonely and didn't have a silly foster sister to play with. But now I just can't get enough of her! We wrestle and run around all the time and have lots of fun! And my absolute favorite thing to do is play fetch! I love all toys but I especially prefer squeaky balls. I will always bring it back to you and drop it on the ground. I could play with my toys all day, they are so much fun! I also LOVE to cuddle! I cuddle with my foster sister and my foster parents. Personal space?! Why would you need that?! I can keep you warm this fall!

Even though I thought it was a little rude, my foster dad told me I had to lose some weight (pot calling the kettle black) but I got thick skin and I took his advice and since then I have been slimming down very nicely and feel I like finally have that summer bod! I really enjoy a nice car ride, even if we are going to the vet. I am crate trained and as long as you got a little treat for me, I go in there willingly every time.

I have met a couple kids while I've been here and I like them just fine. It's probably best if I have some kids in my household that are a little older though. I've been told I don't know my own strength or size! I have never met a cat but I'm not afraid to meet one.

Things I still need to work on: My manner's when it comes to begging for food. I've never been surfing but I do know a thing or two about counter surfing! Also, I need to learn how to walk on a harness without pulling. During the first half of my walks, I like to pull every which way. Then when I get worn out, I suddenly walk like a lady. And to be honest, when I first came to MLRR I suffered from pretty bad anxiety, I was always stressed out, panting, and pacing. My foster family has found that the best cure for that is just getting some exercise in daily, even if it's just in my own backyard! After getting comfortable in my new house, I've settled down a lot and really feel like a whole new dog!

What do you say, can you give this newly athletic girl a place to call home?

  • Age: 3 1/2
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 90 lbs but going down!
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Kids: Good but older is best since she doesn't know her own size
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy level: Medium to high

Original Post Date - Aug. 14, 2019