Hi everyone, It's me Kimber! I am a very cute black lab mix puppy who loves people and other dogs. I love to cuddle and give lots of kisses too. I live here with my foster mom and dad, two doggie fur sisters, and a foster human brother and sister home from college. We are all getting along well. There are two cats here too, but my foster mom says I am a little too interested in them. Huh? What does that mean? I mean really they are furry and they move, of course I am interested!

I like going on walks, however my foster mom says I need a little more leash training, I still pull a little bit, but she says I listen well and will learn fast if you take me to a few classes, after all I am pretty smart. I know how to sit, lay down, and come. I am working hard on wait and off. I rarely jump, but if I do, off is the word my foster mom is helping me understand. My potty training has come a long way, and I am just about there. I sleep quietly all night snuggled in bed with my family or on a doggie bed in the room with my pack. Christmas eve we had a house full of company and my foster mom said I was very good. I did not jump on anyone or beg for food!

I like to lay on couches or beds, so I hope you will let me do that. I am not crazy about the crate, but I will go in there when I need to and sleep or chew a bone like a good girl, I just prefer to be home with people. I absolutely love to chew bones, bully sticks are my new favorite! I am a puppy so chewing bones is important. I also like cookies when its treat time. I really love being in the same room with people and I will follow you around the house. I get really good food here and I eat nicely with my fur sisters. I am still pretty young and I have some energy, I love to run around the back yard and chase squirrels with my fur sisters - we love to play and chase each other around the yard. Tennis balls and toys have not interested me too much, except the soft fluffy toys, I like them.

I would love a family who would walk me, and has a nice yard for me to run and play in. I will benefit from someone who takes the time to continue my training, and I will reward you with kisses and cuddles. I promise to be a good girl and become your best friend, and I know you will love my sweet and loving personality. Plus I am just adorable! My foster family loves me and I love them, but it is time for me to find a forever family. I really hope I find one that likes kisses and snuggles and spending lots of time with me. I thrive on attention. I just love to be loved, who doesn't? Is that you? I can't wait to meet you!

See you soon,
Kimber XO

Age: Approximately 6-8 months
Gender: Female
Color: Black with subtle brown highlights and a little bit of white
Weight: 50-60 lbs.
Cats: Like to chase, probably best in a cat free home
Dogs: Good, love to play and cuddle with
Kids: Good
Crate: Ok
Energy level: Medium to high, but I also know how to chill