Are you looking for a middle-aged blonde, big-boned, playful loving girl that is not shy about food? If so, let the folks at MLRR know so we can set up a first date. I came to MLRR on December 30th as an owner surrender. Please do not judge, they did what was best for me as their schedules were busy and I was in my crate an average of 10 hours per day. In that time, my energy and anxiety built up so I was a bit crazy when they got home each day.

Well New Year, New Dog! I am now in a home where my foster mom is with me for most of the day as she has a home office. It took me a few days to get settled and to realize I have free roam of the house for the majority of the day and then get to sleep with her at night in her bed. When my foster mom does leave, I go into my crate nicely with a treat. The first few days I was anxious and would bark and cry as she was leaving, but now, I go in and lay down as I know she will not be gone for long.

I live with two other labs that she adopted from MLRR and a small breed dog that is a foster from another rescue. I get along fine with them all, even the little one who follows me everywhere and tries to steal my bones from me. I like other dogs and enjoy being part of the pack, but I am not one to engage play with them, I much prefer to be around my foster mom and human sister who is 11.

I am a chronic chewer, I must have antlers, bully sticks or other hard toys to chew on. I am not allowed to have any stuffed, rubber or easily destructible toys as I will eat them whole. I am also very fond of socks, gloves, washcloths and other small material items. So these items must be kept away from me. It would not be best for me to go to a home with small children as their toys and clothes may be hard for me to resist.

Like most 6 year olds, I am housebroken, listen well and know my basic commands. I am very strong and can pull a bit on the leash. I like to go for rides in the car, snuggle up on the couch and will wake you up in the morning with kisses.

I currently has some allergy issues on my paws, but my foster mom thinks it may have been due to the anxiety I had in my crate and the type of food I was on previously. I am now eating only a high quality grain free food and snacks. So we are hoping this will make a difference so I don’t have to get medicine for it.

I am a goofy girl, who likes attention and will bring you my bones to play with. I also settle down nicely and will just watch the world go by.

Age: 6
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Weight: 60
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Good
Kids: Yes
Crate: Yes
Energy level: Medium

Original Post Date: January 17, 2018