LIKES: ALL THE PETS! Being the best! Enjoying the outdoor scenery.

DISLIKES: Loud noises! Waiting for her forever family - could it be with you?

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie and I must be a pretty great dog because my foster mom says I’m the easiest foster she has ever had. And she’s had a lot, too! She always looks into my eyes and says “you’re the best” and then she kisses me on my head. What can I say? So let me tell you a little about myself. Well, if you took a look at my underside, you can see that I’ve had a couple litters of pups. I had a litter just before MLRR took me in so I will need to be spayed. I also was heartworm positive when MLRR saved me. I finished my heartworm treatments May 22 and now I’m off any exercise restriction. The exercise restriction was no big deal for me because I don’t really run around the yard. I love just sitting outside and looking around so I'd love to find a family with a fenced yard.

I think I’m about 4 years old and I weigh 52 pounds so I’m not too little, I'm not too big but I'm just right! I’m great with kids and adults. Just two weeks ago, I was sitting on the floor getting pets from a toddler. He just loved petting me and I just loved him petting me. Getting petted is the best thing! I’m really very quiet and shy inside but I do come alive when I get to go for walks. I’m a bit of a puller on the leash so I need someone to work with me on that. You know there’s a lot of smells out there that need to be inspected, and I’m a good inspector!

I don’t need to be crated and I have not had any accidents in the house. I don’t jump up on people. I’m really not a barker, but every once and awhile, I do need to express my opinion. All my foster mom has to do is say “Jamie” in a deep voice and then I keep my opinions to myself! Sometimes I’m a little afraid to walk on hardwood floors and it might take a while but I figure it out. Speaking of being afraid, I really don’t like thunder or loud sounds like firecrackers. When I hear them I just shake, really shake. I’ve never tried a thunder shirt but maybe that would help me.

If you’re looking for a big, boisterous, rough-and-tumble kind of dog - I’m not the girl for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sweet, quiet, gentle, loving yellow lady who will adore you forever, you’re looking at her! Take me home, please!

Age: About 4
Sex: Female
Color: Yellow
Weight: 52 pounds
Dogs: Good
Cats: Good
Kids: Good
Crate: Good but doesn't need to be crated
Energy level: Low to medium

Original Post Date: June 24, 2018