Hi, my name is Finn! That's short for Finnegan, Finny, Finland, Finny Fin Fin, or Wiggle Butt. I love everyone I meet but sometimes I forget how to politely greet people, I can't help it! My foster family has been working on the "off" command with me but I forget a lot. I respond well to training, I know simple commands like "no, sit, stay, lay down, shake, off, and kennel". I'm learning how to walk on a harness, but I get so excited when seeing others that I can't help pull and jump. My foster parents tell me I need a lot of work in that department.

I love all toys, but I REALLY like to chew, so tougher toys are a must for me. No toy can stand up to my chew! Even though I'm a big boy, my foster parents tell me I'm still a puppy at heart. I've been around toddlers and seemed uninterested in them and I've never been around older kids so I'm not sure how I feel about them. Other dogs are my friends and the playing never stops when they're around! If my future forever home has other dogs, I'm going to need a lot of patience from them and my future parents. I love to be loved and I'm a professional cuddler. They say I'm every bit lab and I came from a breeder.

I promise to cuddle, play, and love you! Will you be my forever family?

Age: 11 months
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow
Weight: 74 lbs
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Good
Kids under 5: Good
Kids over 5: Unknown
Crate: Trained and comfortable
Energy Level: high, with other dogs
Low-moderate without other dogs

Original Post Date: June 12, 2018