Boy, life is a lot better here in my foster home than in that shelter in Tennessee! I was sick at the shelter, but the nice people at MLRR brought me to Chicago and made me all better. I feel awesome now so those squirrels better look out, because I am quick!! I'm a very fast learner and love to curl up on all the dog beds.

The doggie doctor thinks I am around 1 ½-2 years old, but I act a lot older than my age. I had a tough life early on and am happy to be in a warm, safe place. My foster parents tell me I am a sweet old soul with wise eyes. I am really mellow and like nothing more than being next to my foster parents, waiting patiently for a belly rub or just a pat on the head. It took me awhile to trust them and my foster bro and I still hesitate when faced with a new situation or sound.

You may be able to tell from my cute pic that I'm a lab with a little something else mixed in, but when it comes to food and treats, I’m ALL Lab, so training has been a breeze. I learned quickly to sit, wait, and a few more basic commands. The harness & leash stuff has been new, but boy do I love the end result...to walk and sniff in the hood.

I have met other dogs on our walks and it’s all happy and tail wagging fun. It took me awhile to adjust to having a furry foster brother around all the time, but we get along great. I don’t enjoy wrestling or playing tug a war, and I like my own space, and he respects that.

I would love to find a forever home with another low energy dog or in a home where I'm the only pup. I also prefer a home with older kids, who understand that I’m still a little nervous around people and will let me seek out snuggles on my own.

Would you like a sweet boy like me? I'm ready and waiting for my perfect family. I just know you're out there!


Age: 1 ½- 2 years old
Sex: Male
Color: Black
Weight: 50 lbs
Dogs: Good
Cat: Not known
Kids: Over 12 years old
Energy Level: Moderate

Original Post Date: April 17, 2018