LIKES: Flowers, of course! Keeping a close eye on backyard critters, you know - rabbits, birds and squirrels. Companions of all sizes and kinds - dogs, kids, adults, YOU!

DISLIKES: The crate. Being alone. Waiting for a forever family - please make her yours!

Hello there! My name is Dandelion and I am looking for a place to call my forever home. Could it be with you?

Just like the flower, I am a bright, yellow, happy young female lab that has some familiar and unmistakable characteristics! Once spring hit, you could find me sprawled out in the grass taking in the golden rays of the sun. I would really love a home with a fenced in yard, so I can continue to spend time outside, enjoying nature and keeping a close eye on the squirrels, birds and rabbits.

Since I am only one and a half years old and about 50 pounds, I do have a lot of energy. But if I have a human to hang with or another dog to play with, that suits me just fine. I get along well with other dogs - I live with two other female labs who were adopted from MLRR and my human mom also fosters puppies for another rescue. You should know that I am extremely good with puppies! I know to be gentle with them, engage them in active play and share my toys. Overall, I am a sweet, loving, easygoing girl.

Ok, so I said I'm easygoing but I do not like to be alone! I really would like a family who will not leave me alone for too long during the day. I follow my foster mom everywhere she goes since she works from home. I am content hanging out in her office and playing with my toys or taking a long nap.

I also do not like to be crated! I have shown my foster mom that I can be left alone in the house without bothering anything. To be totally honest, sometimes I will carry her shoes around but I won’t chew them. I am still working on housebreaking. I know to go outside and do my business, but sometimes if left alone or I get caught up in play, I will have an accident in the house. I can't help it!

I love to go on walks and will sit nicely and wait for you to put my harness on. I walk better with the guidance of one of my foster sisters, as they keep me moving in a straight forward line.

I am a bit hand-shy of some people, usually men, but I just want to be able to go up to them at my speed. I live with a 12-year-old human girl and I am good with all kids. Sometime loud noises scare me and I will run to hide or find my foster mom. I just heard fireworks the other night, and I was not fond of them. I am learning good manners, but still have much to learn. Good news, though, I am very food motivated!

My most noticeable feature is my eyes. I have one brown and one blue eye. Most people will stop to look at them and comment how cool it is. So whether you prefer a brown-eyed girl like Van Morrison or love blue eyes like Elton John - I'm the girl for you!!

When I came to MLRR, I came with a pre-existing chronic injury to my back leg joint. My foster mom thinks my foot was caught in a trap. The X-rays showed that nothing was broken or fractured but that the injury was not treated and now I have some scar tissue and arthritis built up in the joint. However, it does not prevent me from walking, running, jumping or playing. Some days, if I have been playing for long hours or have gone on a long walk, my foster mom can tell that it is sore so she gives me some medicine to help with the inflammation and soreness.

I am having a great time in my foster home, but I am ready to spread my wings and find a family of my very own who will help me learn even more. I have a lot of love and kisses to give to anyone who is ready for me!

What do you say - could I be the next member of your family? Pretty please?

Age: 1.5 years old
Weight: 50 pounds
Dogs: Good
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Good
Crate: Not a fan!
Energy level: Medium

Original Post Date: June 14, 2018