LIKES: Bandanas. Thin Lizzy's "The Cowboy Song." Old Western movies. Treat-stuffed Kongs. All the squeaky toys!

DISLIKES: Being called "pretty" - Cisco prefers to be told he's ruggedly handsome. Bow ties. Chores. Not knowing who will be his forever home - could it be you?

Howdy, partner! My name is Cisco and I'm just a lovable cowboy looking for my perfect forever home. I'm about a year old so I've still got some of that puppy energy in me. Ok, a lot of that puppy energy in me! I'm a ruggedly handsome black lab mix with what my foster mom says is a pretty patch of white with black mixed in on my chest. Ugh, I hate it when she calls me pretty!

So I'm kind of a rough-and-tumble dog who has been through some hard times. You see, I was found as a stray way back in January and I lived at the shelter that took me in until mid May. I was sprung free for all of two weeks before I was surrendered to MLRR. And in those two weeks that I lived with someone, I really lived outside in a pen day and night. That totally sucks, right?

The good news is my foster family has given me a great home so far. My foster family has invested so much time and energy into helping me learn how to be a good dog and act appropriately inside a house. I have mastered sit, down, go to your crate, shake/give me paw, give me a high five and roll over! I am so smart and very treat motivated! I also know go to your spot (which is a dog bed) and I can even stay on my spot for a short time. I will sometimes protest when told to go to my spot but, you know what, I always go to my spot because treats are my favorite and I know I'll be rewarded for doing the right thing! I'm a work-in-progress when it comes to off (as in off the counter - my foster mom says paws belong on the floor but I've been testing that rule to see if she really means it). I'm also working on leave it - I am a pro at leave it when there is a treat in front of my face but when told to leave it without a treat involved (i.e. leave those socks in the laundry basket), I tend not to listen. I know, I know - I should totally listen and I do know right from wrong! But remember how I said I really haven't lived inside a house and I've spent most of the year in a shelter? Can you blame me for testing the rules and the humans' patience?

Bonus! I am totally housebroken!! I have not had one accident at my foster family's home. If I need to go outside, I go by the door. If you don't get my hint, I will bark and let you know "hey, I need to go do my business, please!"

I really like the company of other dogs but I do sometimes get overexcited and I don't always listen to their cues when they tell me I need to chill out. I live with two dog sisters - one who is just a year older than me (we've become good friends after getting off on the wrong paw) and another who is a senior MLRR alum (she can be a bit of a nervous Nellie and I admit I like to push her buttons). I'm working on my manners and I am not at all aggressive with other dogs - I just sometimes get overexcited! I just don't understand why my fur sisters don't always want to play with me!! I would do best with dogs who are assertive and know when to say "Cisco, cut it out already!"

I love toys that I can play tug with - my foster family says make sure they have a really long rope because I sometimes get overzealous in trying to grab the toy and might accidentally get you (even though I am not trying to hurt you, honest)! I also LOVE toys that squeak!! OMG - I HAVE TO RIP THAT SQUEAKER OUT! I love to destuff toys also - it is SOOO much fun. And if you give me treat-stuffed Kongs, OMG, I will give you so many kisses!!!

My foster mom works from home so I haven't really been left alone for long. I go to my crate when the humans do need to leave because I get into trouble when I'm bored. If you work in an office, doggie day care could be a great option because I could go and burn off my energy while learning how to interact with other dogs! My foster mom says I would do well with a family or a single person but whoever I wind up with needs to be committed to taking care of me and working on my training every day. And when I say every day, I really mean every day! My foster family spends a lot of time with me every single day working on my training and believe me when I say that I've come a long way in just a short amount of time!! Training and love really do work!

So here's the deal. I promise to love you for life if you promise to really invest the time and energy (and love) that I need. What do you say, partner, are you ready to saddle up and take me home with you?

Age: 1
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Dogs: Good, but can get overexcited
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Good
Crate: Good
Energy level: High

Original Post Date - July 8, 2018