Hi there! I’m Chester, named for the white spot on my chest. I’m a sweet 6 month old Lab mix from southeast Missouri. I gotta tell ya—I was pretty skinny and scared when I was in the shelter, but life took a turn for the better when MLRR took me in! I’m living with my foster mommy and daddy, and I even have a Lab brother and sister at home. I really enjoy their company, but since they’re adult dogs they put me in my place--a LOT. Still, I love dogs and enjoy playing with them.

So far I’ve mastered Sit, and I’m learning Off to work on my counter-surfing habit. I’ve been told I’m really good on-leash, especially for a puppy. My foster mommy says I’m really smart and a fast learner. She thinks that’s the Lab in me—give me a treat and I’ll do anything you want! I’ve gotten used to a routine: long walks in the morning and at night, and for fun I go to the local dog park and play with a bunch of dogs there. All that fresh air and exercise tires me out, so I take long naps when I get home, which is good because it keeps me out of trouble. I snuggle in bed all night long without so much as a peep, but I need to go potty right away when I wake up. I’m pretty proud of my potty skills—I go right away on walks and don’t mess around!

I got to go to the woods with my foster dad, and I found my first deer antler! I was so excited and got to bring it home with me. My foster mommy says it’s mine to keep forever!

I’m a typical puppy: lots of energy, lots of curiosity, lots of affection to give. I’m looking for a forever family that will be patient and give me plenty of love and guidance. I’m not crazy about the crate, but I haven’t had to spend much time in it. More than anything, I like being with my family. I follow my foster mommy and daddy everywhere, and I hope I’ll be able to continue that with my forever family. Everyone who has met me really loves me. I’m so anxious to meet my forever family and begin the next journey in my young life!

Age: Approximately 6-7 months
Gender: Male
Color: Black with white spots on chest and neck
Weight: 35 pounds
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: LOVES dogs, plays nicely with them. A little energetic with older dogs, but they keep him in line.
Kids: Unknown, but older kids are probably best.
Crate: Not crazy about it, but goes in easily.
Energy level: Medium to high, but settles down and chills when you do.

Original Post Date: February 1, 2018