Likes: Running and playing ball, chew bones, playing tug, wrestling with my foster brother

Dislikes: Not being able to hang with humans or foster fur friends

Hello everyone, Browning here. I am a handsome yellow-brownish Labrador mix. At about 14 months old, I am tall and lean, but still a puppy at heart. I currently live with a 7-year-old foster brother and foster parents. I don’t live with any children right now, but my foster parents think I would be good with kids.

Well, gosh…where to start. I am a sweet, loveable dog. I know, that’s a given. I absolutely love to be the center of attention. Wherever you are, there I am. You turn around...yup, there’s Browning. Who knows what you could be doing without me. I don’t mind sitting next to you on the floor or couch, snuggling in next to you. You want kisses? I have plenty of those to give!

And like every dog, I like the outdoors, running and being chased. I am also a good ball player, both inside and outside, running for the ball, and bringing it back. I do struggle with the “drop” though. But that is nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a treat! Did I mention I am a compassionate and loving dog, and try to spread the joy to other dogs? Yes, I can get a little zealous in my meet and greet, and have been known to run and jump into them, and nuzzle them to an extreme. I guess I still need to work on my dog manners. I think I might have pointed out I’m still a good-natured puppy at heart. Lucky for me, my foster family likes structure and is working on making me a better dog.

My foster dad has taken me for car rides, and I do pretty well. I jump right in his big SUV. I get the entire back area to walk around in but I sit down and relax when I get bored. And we get to go on walks each day. I don’t think I have had a lot of leash walking experience in my past, and while my initial walks on the leash were a little rough, I have made progress. I don’t do much barking, really only when there is something to bark at…like dogs walking by the house, or seeing a skunk or raccoon in the back yard. That’s when I get really excited, and dash (oh yes, I can dash) to the door. My foster parents are working on commands. “Come” is hard for me, but I am doing better, especially when treats are involved in my training, so I am pretty sure with some work (and a lot of treats), I will become an expert in dog manners! Other cool things about me - I have been known to nap while sleeping on my back, with my legs in the air. I know it sounds silly, but it is soooo comfortable. I also love belly rubs, so don’t be shy - just give me a bunch of love and rubbing. Like every dog, I like squeaky toys, but I also enjoy pulling them apart and getting into that fluffy stuffing inside - so much fun! I love a good chew bone, all kinds. Don’t worry - my foster parents say I have had no interest in shoes or socks. I also get pretty excited when its mealtime. I just really like food! And when it comes to bedtime, I will crawl up in your bed and snuggle right next to you. I really don’t want to sleep alone - please don’t make me. I also have expert hearing, and when I hear bumps in the night, I will let you know, too, by staying alert when something sounds out of the ordinary.

So that’s my story…what do you think? As an “almost” adult, I still have a lot of puppy playfulness in me. All I need is some love and guidance, a little training, and a family to call my own. I think I am a pretty good catch, and would make some family a great canine companion. I am available immediately for forever home dates! I hope to meet you soon!

  • Age: 13-14 months
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Kids: Unknown
  • Crate: Has not been crated at foster home
  • Energy Level: High

Original Post Date - Feb. 26, 2019