Hi! I’m Blondie. I’m a two year old, yellow, female lab. If you want to adopt me, there are a few things you need to know. First, I LOVE to take naps. You can find me napping in my bed, on the floor, in my kennel and in my human’s bed (cuddling with my human’s in their bed at night is my favorite spot). I love people too. I get so excited when my human’s come home and love to jump all over them. This is why it is best I find a home that has older kids so I don’t accidently knock anyone over with all my love and kisses.

I currently live in a townhome and while I love it, I would love a big yard to run around in even more. I do pretty well on a leash and really enjoy going out for walks. I can get vocal when I see another dog. I just want to go play but my foster mom says I play too rough and don’t have any dog manners. For this reason, I would do best with no other animals in my new home. I am crate trained and know basic commands such as sit, down, kennel and no. I love to play for about ten minutes before I want to nap again.

Are you the perfect family for me?

xo, Blondie

Age: 2
Sex: Female
Color: Yellow
Weight: 60 pounds
Cats: No
Dogs: No, unless adoptive family has experience with dogs who play rough
Kids: Older kids
Energy level: medium, spurts of excitement for a few minutes when humans come around

Original Post Date: January 25, 2018