Volunteer Code of Conduct

Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue (MLRR) is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and reducing the abuse and neglect of unwanted Labrador Retrievers through fostering, adoption, referral and public education. In my capacity as an MLRR volunteer, I agree to follow MLRR’s Volunteer Code of Conduct to ensure the efficient operation of MLRR to benefit and protect the volunteers, animals and MLRR as an entity. I agree to:

  • Support MLRR’s mission, goals and efforts with a positive attitude and dedication to teamwork.
  • Approach my volunteer responsibilities with honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • Promote goodwill by handling communication (written, face-to-face, verbal, electronic, etc.), both within and outside of MLRR, in a spirit of courtesy, respect and cooperation.
  • Treat all MLRR dogs I am in contact with in a respectful, safe and humane manner at all times.
  • Deal fairly with all people I encounter while engaged in MLRR activities regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin or citizenship, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, military or veteran status, handicap or disability. MLRR has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, bullying and harassment.
  • Respect and protect all MLRR property, supplies, equipment or assets.
  • Abide by rules and regulations of any facility and/or location where MLRR is present and operating and respect the facility’s property. Observe all health and safety rules for both people and animals, and report to my volunteer job physically and mentally fit for duty.
  • Comply with city, county, state and federal statutes and ordinances.
  • Never act as a media spokesperson on behalf of MLRR unless authorized by MLRR’s President or Board of Directors.
  • Maintain and safeguard the confidentiality and data privacy of businesses, donors, employees, volunteers and members of the public by protecting information and records collected and/or kept by MLRR and agencies working with MLRR.
  • Preserve the confidentiality of information relating to the operation of MLRR that is not known or readily accessible to the public.
  • Contact my program coordinator with questions or concerns about MLRR’s procedures, interpersonal communications or my volunteer responsibilities.

I agree to comply with all the rules, agreements, and protocols which may be established from time to time by MLRR. I understand that failure to comply with the rules, agreements, and protocols may result in my termination as a volunteer. I understand and agree that if accepted as a volunteer, all services performed by me will be performed on a strictly voluntary basis, and that I will receive no remuneration, pay or compensation of any kind, that I will not be an employee of MLRR nor otherwise derive any benefits normally available to employees of MLRR.

Rev. 5/15/2018