Role Description - Transport Coordinator

How do we get Labs to Chicago? They arrive via transport by groups of volunteers that collectively drive many hours to reach the Chicago area. Once the Labs arrive, they will need to be transported to their foster home, medical visits to our vets, and sometimes for Meet & Greets. The Transport Coordinator recruits a volunteer from our amazing pool of volunteer drivers and makes sure the dog gets from point A to point B. The ideal person for this position is organized, works well in a team environment and has the flexibility in their schedule to respond to emails and messages.

The Transport Coordinator will:

  • Communicate with the transport volunteers and foster home volunteers prior to and during a transport run
  • Collect any foster dog paperwork and upload it to our database program in a timely fashion
  • Read and reply to emails addressed to the Transport Coordinator in a timely fashion
  • Attend quarterly Board/Coordinator meetings

If you are interested in this role, please fill out a volunteer application here. Please make a note of your desired position under Volunteer Interests - Other.