Role Description - Medical Coordinator

Upon intake, the MLRR Medical Coordinator is in charge of ensuring MLRR rescue dogs receive Board Approved routine veterinary care at established partner vets prior to anticipated adoption.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Determine veterinary care required based on established Board parameters
  • Coordinate initial (and any necessary follow up) veterinary visits for MLRR dogs
  • Communicate to Transport Coordinator any medications being sent with dogs on transport
  • Prepare and send to the vet a request form and prior records in advance of appt
  • Provide reminders to Foster Homes (FHs) regarding appointments
  • Be available for phone calls at time of examination or shortly thereafter
  • Coordinate with FH coordinator and/or FH regarding any special circumstances/instructions
  • Review veterinary invoices and provide payment request summary to treasurer
  • Serve as resource to FHs/FH coordinator for medical questions
  • Review medical requests from Direct Adopters & coordinate Board approved vet care
  • Work with the Medical Assistant to ensure medical records are input into database
  • Work in partnership with training coordinator & Board for labs requiring care from a veterinary behaviorist
  • Reply to all emails within a timely fashion
  • Jointly submit monthly medical report to Board - dog tracker
  • Attend quarterly Coordinator meetings

The ideal candidate loves labs, is organized and able to communicate effectively. Significant veterinary knowledge is not required but the willingness to learn routine veterinary protocols (e.g. puppy shots, HW, kennel cough) for dogs is essential. Estimated commitment is 20-25 hours per month. If you are interested in this role, please fill out a volunteer application here. Please make a note of your desired position under Volunteer Interests - Other.