Role Description - Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant role for MLRR is primarily administrative and supports our Medical Coordinator by entering data into our web hosted database program.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Determine closest partner vet to foster home.
  • Retrieve foster dog medical records from partner vets and intake vets.
  • Separate medical record documents for foster dogs and upload into web-hosted database program.
  • Record treatments completed in web-hosted database program.
  • Record microchips in web-hosted database program, register to MLRR and transfer to adopter.
  • Notify team when foster dogs are medically cleared for adoption.
  • Update partner vet agreements.
  • Reply to all emails within a timely fashion.
  • Submit monthly coordinator report to board.
  • Attend Board/Coordinator meetings.

The ideal candidate is organized, is detail oriented and possesses excellent communication skills. Estimated commitment is 20-25 hours per month. If you are interested in this role, please fill out a volunteer application here. Please make a note of your desired position under Volunteer Interests - Other.