Role Description - Intake Coordinator

The Intake Coordinator for MLRR has the primary responsibility of selecting labs for the rescue that will ultimately be available for adoption.

Some of the specific responsibilities are:

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with shelters and network volunteers (referrals).
  • Review all emails from shelters and referrals for potential labs in need of rescue.
  • Monitor Facebook posts, Messenger notifications and Facebook tags for potential labs in need of rescue. Respond and request additional information if interested.
  • Review and respond to ALL emails and phone calls from families wishing to surrender a dog.
  • Offer guidance and advice to potential owner surrenders to help them keep their dog (if desired) and/or direct them to additional rescues if we are not able to help.
  • Gather necessary information to determine if a lab is suitable for MLRR including but not limited to: age, weight, color, good with dogs, kids, cats, behavior issues, vetting, heartworm status, spayed/neutered and if housebroken.
  • Obtain Board approval for any dog that requires medical care estimated to be in excess of $500, unless the medical care is heartworm treatment.
  • Once all the information has been gathered, create and post a plea for a foster on the foster home group page, and contact specific foster homes that would be a good match for the potential dog.
  • Answer any questions that potential foster homes may have.
  • Once a foster home has been secured, confirm the dog is still available and tag the dog for MLRR.
  • Obtain a signed Release Form from owner surrenders. Request all medical records be emailed and request an owner surrender donation to our PayPal account.
  • Create a record for the dog in MLRR’s ASM database program. Upload all documentation available, including but not limited to: photos, release form, medical records and AKC paperwork (if applicable).
  • Create and email an Intake Report for the incoming dog, including all necessary information that assists the Marketing Coordinator, Medical Coordinator, Transport Coordinator and Foster Home Coordinator.
  • If this is a new contact and the dog requires transport, send an email to the contact and Transport Coordinator to introduce them and pass the conversation on to the Transport Coordinator.
  • Attend Board/Coordinator meetings.

Intake of dogs needs to be managed in a fiscally responsible manner. The needs of our foster homes and the desires of our approved adopters should also be taken into consideration. While our mission is to give labs a second chance, we are most efficient in doing so when these considerations are taken into account.

The ideal candidate is organized, is detail oriented and possesses excellent communication skills. Estimated commitment is 20-25 hours per month. If you are interested in this role, please fill out a volunteer application here. Please make a note of your desired position under Volunteer Interests - Other.