Adalee May
Adalee May

Adalee May


Hi Everyone! My name is Adalee May, but my friends call me Addie. All the humans I meet say I’m really beautiful, but I want you to know I’m not just another pretty face. I’m pretty smart if I don’t say so myself. I can sit and wait for a long time and when you say come, I’ll run right over to get my treat. I love treats! You don’t even have to say wait; just hold up your hand and I’ll understand.I get super excited at dinner time, but hold that hand up and I’ll wait for you to say it’s OK before I dig in. I also know never to go potty inside the house. This makes my foster humans really happy.

I love going on car rides. I know how to jump right into the backseat. My foster humans took me all over the place. We went to a place called PetCo where I met some little kittens. I only got to sniff them but I really wanted to play with them. The smells in that place were amazing. We also went on a long ride somewhere and I slept the whole way. They also took me to outdoor places to eat and I met lots of people. That was big fun! I even liked going to see the vet. They petted me, said I was pretty, and gave me treats. Did I mention I love treats? My people took me to a lake and I walked right in. I was a little cold but I didn’t mind. I’m brave too. I’m not afraid of loud sounds. I love going on walks and I’m pretty good about not pulling you around. I’ve met lots of dogs on my walks and did a lot of sniffing.

So, if you’re looking for a sweet, smart, and cuddly dog to be your best friend forever, I’m your girl!

  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Good
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Working on it!
  • Energy: Moderate