Well, hello there! My name is Sadie (formerly Tara). I am back at MLRR because one of the people in my first adopter family was retired and couldn’t see very well.

At my new foster home there are other dogs and I get along great with them. I will bark at them to play with me or when they bark. Otherwise, I'm not very vocal. I like walking on the leash, but I also like to chew it. What can I say…I’m a puppy, and my favorite thing is tug of war. The leash or the sock you are trying to put on, they’re all fun things to tug! When actually walking, I take lots of time to smell everything. I get treats when I look at my person, but word is that I need more leash training. I do know how to sit, and I usually come when I am called. I am no dummy, that is for sure.

At this new house there are also teenagers. Sometimes, the teenagers bring over many more teenagers. I like this because they all play with me, and I can stay up much later with them!

During car rides, I generally just lie down in my crate. Foster mom helps me in and out because that is a scary big jump for me right now. Speaking of crates, I sleep without a peep all night long in my crate in foster mom’s bedroom. I was left alone in my crate a couple of times; I whimpered a bit but I kept my cool when my person left. I also do not use my crate as a bathroom…yuck. I haven’t had any accidents in the house, but my person is paying close attention to me and takes me in the backyard often. Works for me because a huge tree fell down just before I got here and there are so many sticks and things to find AND the tire swing rope was orphaned. The person says I get to keep the rope! I will chase a tennis ball some, but this rope is my favorite toy. Bet I can play tug and run in a circle longer than you can hold on to the rope:) Seriously, though, I do need to keep busy during the day so I would be best with an active family with another dog or two.

In the evenings, after my soft and silky fur gets enough pets, I stretch out and chill on the cool wood floor underneath my person's legs. Good stuff!

I'm super excited to find my furever family! Please come meet me if you think you have the right home for me.

  • Age: 5 months
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Dogs: Great
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Great
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Puppy