Hi, my name is Roxie and I’m on the lookout for my forever family! I am a petite 1.5 year old girl. I spent at least part of my young life as a stray and was severely underweight when I was brought into rescue. I probably still need to gain another 10 lbs. Even though part of my life was spent on the streets, I am SO ready to be part of a family. My foster mom says I’m a VERY smart girl! Although I had almost no training when I arrived at my foster home, in just a couple/few weeks, I am house trained and I’m working diligently on learning some new commands like “Sit, Laydown, Stay, Come, Leave It and Crate”. I am very food-motivated, and I enjoy learning, so I would love to have a family that is patient and willing to continue my training using positive reinforcement.

I currently live with two foster siblings – a female lab, who is very laid back, and male lab who can be a little “too much”. I sometimes feel the need to remind my siblings that the toys and the humans are ALL MINE! My foster parents are helping me to understand that there is enough love and toys for everyone. I do still like to take each toy to my dog bed during the day until I am surrounded by toys! My foster sister doesn’t care if I collect all the toys, but sometimes, my foster brother gets angry. I would probably do best with an easy-going dog that doesn’t mind sharing. I haven’t had an opportunity to meet a cat since I’ve been in foster care, but I do seem to have a big interest in chasing squirrels when I’m out in the yard. I have a 6 ft. privacy fence that keeps me safe while I’m outside, but my foster parents still come outside with me every time to keep an eye on me, since this is all still very new!

I walk well on a leash, but we mostly only walk in the house and yard because I get a bit scared when cars drive by. My foster mom is working on it with me slowly, to help me gain some confidence. However, I do like to ride in cars!

My best quality is my world-class snuggling! I love evenings on the couch, watching tv with my head tucked right under mom or dad’s chin, laying on their chest, listening to their heartbeat. When snuggle-time is over, we all go outside and then mom gets a “cookie” and we do “CRATE!”. I’m getting really good at it! I sleep all night in my crate, and I don’t make a peep. During the day, when mom is working (in her home office), I am happy to lay on the dog bed or couch near my foster siblings and chew on a toy or bone or take a nap.

I did come into rescue with Heartworm. Don’t worry though…it’s not contagious to other dogs or humans and I’m going to be starting treatment soon. The only requirement is to give me a pill daily for a little while (which you can just drop in my food dish and I’ll eat it up!) and help me remain quiet with no running or excessive play while I go through treatment which will be really easy because I’m kind of a low-activity girl. I prefer to spend my days cuddling, snoozing, and chewing my bones and toys!

My foster family says: “Roxie is such a sweet, special girl! She is so smart and has so much love to give! Any love and kindness you give to Roxie will be returned many times over!”

  • Age: 1.5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Dogs: Good, but would do best with submissive, non-possessive dogs
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Good, but they should be calm and respectful as I still get scared easily by loud noises and fast movements
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Low to Medium