Hey! L’il Millie here. I’m the pint-sized little lady in the photo. Sometimes my foster family calls me “wiggly butt” or even Mary Poppins because I am practically perfect in every way.

I only go potty outside, I sleep all night in my crate, and I don’t chew on anything! Well, that’s not exactly true. I’m just starting to try out antlers, bison horns and toys. I was an outside dog for the first 5 years of my life, so I’m not exactly sure how to play yet. Will you show me? I am so eager to learn!

While I’m mostly lab, I’m probably a mix of something else, hence my petite stature. One big bonus is that my fur is sooooo soft. It’s actually my superpower to make you keep petting me. I love belly rubs, butt scratches, ear noogies, you name it! Just hold out your hand, and I’ll snuggle my head right into it. I have so much love to share with you.

I’m still working on my loose leash skills, but at 40 pounds, I don’t pull that hard. Right now, I can only go on short walks because I tested positive for heartworm. Don’t worry, though, I take my medicine like a good little girl, if you put some peanut butter on it. I certainly don’t look or act sick, but you'll need to take me to the vet to help me on my way to a clean bill of health.

Did I mention that I looooove kids? I’m very gentle and patient with them. My foster family lives across the street from a school. Recess is the best time since I can see and hear all the children. Heck, who am I kidding, I love everyone. I just want to meet all the people and dogs on my walks. I even lived with a cat!

Everyone I’ve met tells me how sweet I am. What can I say? It’s true! Would you like to meet me to see how many snuggles you can get?

  • Age: 5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Good
  • Children: Good
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Low

Initial post date: March 3, 2021

Updated: March 22, 2021