This beautiful girl is 3 years old, 52 pounds, great with people, and other dogs. Cats are unknown. She has a very sweet personality. She recently had puppies and is looking for a little "me" time!

Laurel is heartworm positive (hw+). HW is NOT contagious. The only way a dog can get heartworm is from a mosquito bite after the mosquito bit a hw+ dog. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about heartworm...especially if you're interested in adopting Laurel!

Laurel is eligible for our Direct Adoption Program. This program is for MLRR Approved Adopters interested in puppies less than 1 year old, dogs over 7 years old and medical case dogs, including dogs that test positive for heartworm. An Approved Adopter takes ownership of the dog for a 2-week wellness period. That time is extended for dogs with extensive medical needs (like heartworm) since treatment times are typically longer. During the wellness period, MLRR covers all medical expenses. Once the treatment is completed, the adoption is finalized.

To participate in MLRR’s Direct Adoption Program, please complete an Adoption Application here: