Hi! My name is Jack! I am very excited! I am a little over one year old and, as you know, that means I am still a puppy for another year! I have a lot of energy, but if you would throw the kong for me, I will gladly run and bring it back (again and again and again)! I do like to chase birds, but so far, I have only caught one - I dropped it as soon as my Dad told me to, and he flew away.

I love to go on walks, and I am very good on a leash. Whenever we get to a street corner, I always sit down and wait until I get the “OK” to continue walking. I do need my daily exercise, so if you have a fenced yard, that would be great, too!

Like most Labs, I am a cuddle puppy. I love a good belly rub as much as the next dog, and I really want to be with my people whenever possible. I go willingly into my crate when you leave the house, but you better be prepared for some major tail wagging and kisses when you return home! I really enjoy snuggling with my people on the couch, and I love to sleep in their big bed with them at night!

I do have a few issues to work on, and one of those is because I am still a puppy and I am learning how to play. I sometimes grab a hold of things, like a shirt or pants leg (or sometimes a hand) with my mouth when we are playing. I don’t do this out of aggression, and I never intend to hurt anyone, but I need guidance on learning to be a bit more gentle when playing with my people. The other issue is that when I am eating my meals, I am always worried that someone is going to steal my food. If people pet me when I am eating, I tend to growl. I will gladly sit and wait for you to give me the “OK” before I start eating, but once I begin, please let me eat in peace! I will give you lots of “thank you kisses” as soon as I finish eating!

My Foster dad says that I am the sweetest guy ever. In fact, I think my last name is Jack, because my dad always says: “Good Boy Jack”! He also said that whoever adopts me will be winning the “Jack Pot”! Ha, Foster Dad jokes! I am going to miss him, but I am ready to find my forever family.

  • Age: 15 months
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Unknown
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: High

Original Post Date - August 1, 2020.

Updated post date - August 5, 2020