Fruit Tart
Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart


Hiya everyone, Fruit Tart here! That's my code name that rescue folks have been calling me, but my real name is Miloh. My foster mom tends to just call me "sweetie" all the time and thinks I am a dream:)

Although I'm a mature gentleman, I've still got plenty of energy and love playing with my toys and going for long walks. I really enjoy getting to take in all the smells and saying hi to other people and dogs while I'm out and about! I'm great on a leash and won't pull at all. However, fireworks and the noisy lake front airshow are incredibly scarry things for me. I don't know what docile means but that's me I am told.

If you have a busier day, I'm perfectly content to hang out with you and lounge around. I'm really just happy to spend time with you and don't mind a daily routine and consistency, but if you need to head out to run errands, I'll cozy up on my bed (or yours, if I'm allowed) and wait for you to get back. I don't need a crate, I am fully potty trained and I hardly bark, just when it's appropriate. What's not to love about me? I'd be an easy addition to anyone's home.

So what do you say? If you're looking for a new best friend, I'm your guy!

  • Age: 8.5 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Dogs: Good
  • Cats: OK
  • Children: 12 & older
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Moderate