Events Instructions & FAQ's

Booth Set Up: Please allow ample time to unload items from your vehicle and set up the booth for MLRR. You will be provided with an Event Kit which will include a table (if not provided by the venue), 2 chairs, chalkboard, table cloth, MLRR banner, donation box, MLRR brochures, iPad with Square reader, miscellaneous pet supplies and various items to give away with a pre-determined donation request. You may also have raffle baskets depending on the type of event.

Booth End of Day: At the end of each day, (if the event is held multiple days) please store the following items in the storage bin provided, under your table, and behind the table cloth for safe keeping: Empty donation box, brochures, iPad with Square reader, pet supplies and give away items. Please tuck any raffle baskets under the table as well.

Count the cash: Either call or text the cash amount to the Event Coordinator.  Also, please take a picture of the tally sheet and text/email the picture to the Event Coordinator.  Please keep the cash and make a PayPal payment to: MLRR via (preferred) for the amount received OR mail a check for the amount to MLRR P.O. Box 1473 Lombard, IL 60148. Please advise the Event Coordinator which avenue you will use.

Booth Tear Down: Please gently and neatly pack event supplies away in the storage bin provided. Please pack the iPad with Square reader at the very top so it’s easy to retrieve and protected from damage. If you are the volunteer that is designated to pack up MLRR’s booth, you will collect all raffle baskets as well. The Event Coordinator will arrange a day/time to retrieve the Event Kit and raffle baskets from you and distribute them to the winners. Thank you in advance for this extra bit of help.

Breakdown of booth is NOT permitted prior to the show ending.

Donation Items: A price list will be provided for items “for sale” in exchange for a donation.  Please use that list as a tally sheet to notate what was sold during the day.

iPad/Square Reader: Items available “for sale” and a donation button are programmed on MLRR’s iPad under the Square Register app. Visa and MasterCard is accepted and the card is swiped via the reader that plugs into the microphone jack of the iPad.

The iPad has Wi-Fi access so it can also be used to view dogs currently available for adoption, coming soon and needing foster homes. Attendees can fill out volunteer and adoption applications on the spot using the iPad and navigating to MLRR’s website. If the iPad is unavailable or the event doesn’t provide Wi-Fi access, supporters can still use their credit card to make a purchase or donate money using their mobile phone by visiting MLRR’s direct PayPal address:

Dogs: In accordance to MLRR’s 100% positive, force free training policies, dogs representing MLRR are not allowed to wear choke, pinch, or electronic collars during events. This includes foster dogs, volunteer’s dogs and alumni dogs.


Adoption Information: MLRR does its best to match the right dog with the right family by finding out as much as possible about the potential adoptive family before placing a dog. Anyone interested in adopting a Lab must:

  • Read and agree to our Adoption Policies.
  • Upon acceptance of the application, an MLRR volunteer will contact you to arrange a home visit.
  • You will then be notified if you are approved for adoption.
  • If approved, you will be contacted when a potential Labrador that is a "match" for you is available.

Adoption Fees:

  • Puppies (9 months and younger) $350
  • Adult Labs (10 months to 5 years) $300
  • Senior Labs (6 years and up) $225

If the puppy or adult Lab is not spayed/neutered before adoption there will also be a $50 deposit due at the time of adoption in addition to the adoption fee. The $50 deposit will be returned to the adopter once MLRR receives proof of neuter. The adoption fee helps offset the rescue expenses incurred by MLRR. The average vetting cost is approximately $550 per Lab.

Spaying and Neutering: Rescued Labs from MLRR will be spayed or neutered. This not only prevents more unwanted puppies, but also reduces the dog's risk of certain health problems later in life, including some types of cancer.

Service Area: We process applications for potential adopters residing within the following Illinois counties: Lake, Cook, Will, Kendall, DuPage, Kane and McHenry.

Where do the dogs come from? Many rescued Labs come from local animal shelters, county animal control facilities, or directly from owners who are unable or no longer willing to care for them. All dogs are evaluated for temperament and level of training before being placed in a new home. MLRR does not accept any dogs which are known to be aggressive.

How long is the wait to adopt a Lab? Once you are approved for adoption, the wait to adopt a dog is usually a few weeks to several months. The less specific you are about the type of Lab you want (ie. color, sex, age), the shorter the wait will be.

If I foster a rescued Lab for MLRR, can I decide to adopt my foster dog? MLRR is always in need of foster homes for rescued Labs. The number of dogs we can rescue is limited by the number of available foster homes that we have. However, please do not offer to foster for us if you just want to use it as a way of choosing a dog to adopt. Fostering is very rewarding, but it is also requires hard work and dedication. We have a policy that foster homes cannot adopt a Lab from MLRR within 12 months of the time they begin fostering. We do not view our foster homes as potential adopters. If you want to adopt a Lab, please fill out the adoption application instead of the fostering application. What we need most in a foster home is someone who is truly dedicated to helping us save the lives of homeless Labrador Retrievers.

If you need additional assistance or have further questions, please contact the Event Coordinator.