Axel & Diesel
Axel & Diesel
Axel & Diesel
Axel & Diesel
Axel & Diesel

Axel & Diesel

Adopt Us!

Hey there! We are Axel and Diesel, the bestest looking silver lab twins ever! We were rescued from a backyard where our previous owners needed to keep us outside because they got pretty new floors in the house, and we are so much happier in our new lives with MLRR now. We are 4 years old and incredibly handsome, as you can see! We have been told that our eyes are majestic, whatever that means! We are not shy at all and love to be with our people. When our foster Mom picked us up, the first thing we did when we got in the car was give her kisses!

Our foster Mom says, “Axel looks to his bigger brother, Diesel to lead the way as he the boss.” We may never have walked on a leash before, so our foster Mom has been working with us and using freedom harnesses, and she says we are getting better every day. We love, love, love car rides and will hop right in the back of our foster Mom’s Jeep without hesitation. We will just lay down and nap on longer car rides. We also love to play fetch with balls and toys. We will bring whatever you throw right back and drop it or let you take it right out of our mouths, no problem. We also love to play wrestle with each other, but we never knock into things or break things. We will just want some space to play! We don't get on furniture and are not destructive.

When we first came into our foster Mom’s house, we had forgotten that you are not supposed to go #1 in the house. We just spent so much time outside that we were used to going anywhere and anytime! But we haven’t gone in the house at all since the first couple of times! We respond well to positive reinforcement and are eager to work and learn. We already knew “sit” and “shake” before we came to MLRR, and our foster Mom has taught us “down” and is working with us on loose leash walking. We really do love putting things in our bellies, and we are always just sooooo excited, so you may have to tell us to take it “easy” when rewarding us! We don’t mind too much going in our crates during the day when our foster Mom is working or is not home, unless one of us is in there and the other is not – no fair!! We may bark a little at first, but we get right in with the promise of a treat and then we calm down and take a nap. At bedtime we gladly go into our crates to sleep and do not make a peep all night long.

Axel here – I am the “smaller” twin, weighing in at 104 lbs. I love my food and could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. I am very sweet and love head and ear scratches and butt scratches, and sometimes even belly rubs. I really, really love being by my humans, so I would like to be able to go anywhere in your house where you are. I have a big 90 lb. foster fur brother, and I am really good with him. Don’t tell my brother, Diesel, but my foster Mom also says I am better on leash than he is!!!

Diesel here – I am the leading man, weighing in at 110 lbs. Between you and me, I am not really fat like my brother, but I am rather "big boned!!" My foster Mom says I am super-duper smart and LOVE attention from my humans. I need a little help with obedience, because I get so excited and don’t realize how big I am and like to put my mouth on human arms and hands. I never bite down hard, but my foster Mom says it is very puppy-like when I am supposed to act like a grown up 4-year-old, whatever that means! But we are working on my manners as I speak. While I tolerate my foster fur brother, I do get a little competitive when it comes to attention and resources, even with my own brother. So, MLRR thinks it would be best if you did not have any other animals in the house. Also, don’t tell my brother, Axel, but my foster Mom says that I am the faster learner and am SUPER observant and intelligent and have very special potential!!! My foster Mom just taught me to retrieve a ball and place it in her hands for treats!

Since we are such big boys and love to run and play, MLRR thinks it would be best if our adopters had either a nice, big fully fenced yard or a place with land for us to run. We love to go outside and play and roll around in the grass, but we also prefer to be wherever our humans are, and we will calm down and nap when our foster Mom is hanging out with us and working.

So … who is ready to open their hearts and homes to us twin brothers?!?

  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: Axel: 104lbs/Diesel: 110lbs
  • Dogs: Axel: Good/Diesel: Dominant (best if they are the only dogs in the house)
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Children: Older children only
  • Crate: Good
  • Energy: Moderate

Note from MLRR: Axel and Diesel are a bonded pair and will need to be adopted together.